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Webcast: Transforming textiles

Watch Vibeke Krohn, Head of TOMRA Textiles, Cyndi Rhoades, Co-founder of WornAgain Technologies...

TOMRA Group / March 04, 2024

What is a Deposit Return System? Extended version

In this extended video, you will learn how deposit return systems (DRS) work, how they are...

TOMRA Group / February 27, 2024

Return to Retail Deposit Return Systems

The world’s seven top-performing deposit return systems have two things in common: a return to...

TOMRA Group / February 13, 2024

Einwegpfand in Österreich. Neu ab 2025!

Künftig kann man in Österreich PET-Flaschen und Aludosen über das Einwegpfand recyclen. TOMRA...

TOMRA Group / December 18, 2023