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Recycling / November 02, 2022

TOMRA webcast: the future of wood recycling

TOMRA and IKEA explored the future of wood recycling in a live webcast. During a 45 minute session, three industry experts covered the following topics:
  • The status quo of the market including pricing trends
  • The importance and benefits of a circular economy for wood
  • How waste wood can be turned into high-quality recyclates
  • The role smart sensor-based sorting plays
  • The manufacturer’s point of view on wood recycling and their recycled content targets
 Wood is a high performance and versatile raw material used in building, construction, furniture, paper, automotive interiors and renewable energy. Today, there is a huge demand for recycled wood as it is a favorable and sustainable alternative to primary materials. Thanks to advanced sorting technology, wood recyclers and the panel board industry have the means to turn waste wood into wood recyclates, applicable for the production of high-quality particleboards.

Learn more about Wood A vs Wood B sorting: