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Recycling / July 03, 2023

PET bottle vs. PET tray sorting | SHARP EYE™ technology | TOMRA and Amarsul

TOMRA’s AUTOSORT™ and its SHARP EYE™ technology enable Amarsul, a Portuguese waste sorting facility, to separate PET bottles from PET trays, meeting new Portuguese recycling requirements.
Discover AUTOSORT™:
Since 2009, TOMRA has provided a total of 8 AUTOSORT™ sorting units to Amarsul’s sorting facilities in Portugal that can process up to 106,000 tonnes of waste per year. Equipped with the latest sorting technology, the facility can recover recyclable materials from municipal solid waste for further processing.
A recent challenge was the separation of PET trays and PET bottles. Thanks to the installation of 2 AUTOSORT™ with SHARP EYE™ technology, more than 92% of the PET trays can be removed from the PET bottle fraction.
Read more about the collaboration and the project: