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Sorting aluminum alloys from scrap |DYNAMIC...

New dynamic LIBS technology for sorting 5xxx, 6xxx and other alloy series reclaimed from aluminum...

Recycling / June 01, 2023

TOMRA's New Test Center 3D Animation

Our new Metals Test Center in Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany, offers recyclers and plant operators the...

Recycling / March 06, 2023

TOMRA's New Test Center opening - 2023

Seeing our machines in action has never been easier! In 2023, TOMRA celebrated a new company...

Recycling / March 06, 2023

E-Scrap - Metal Recovery from e-scrap

Input FINDER™: ECS drop 20-80mm. Recover: Mixed metals. Remove: Non-metal.

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Construction & demolition waste - Wood Recovery

Input AUTOSORT™: Mixed construction and demolition waste 20-100mm. Recover: Full wood. Remove:...

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Plastics - PET Bottle Recovery from Mixed plastics

Input AUTOSORT™: Mixed heavy/3D plastics 50-150mm. Recover: PET bottles. Remove: Residues (PP,...

Recycling / January 17, 2023

E-Scrap - PCB recovery from e-scrap

Input FINDER™ with NIR sensor: 20-80mm e-scrap fraction. Recover: Printed circuit boards (PCB)....

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Non-ferrous metals: Grey metals recovery from...

Input COMBISENSE™: Heavy metal mix 30-60mm. Recover: Grey Metals. Remove: Colored metals.

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Mixed Plastics - Colored PET Bottle Sorting

Input AUTOSORT™: Mixed PET bottles 50-250mm. Recover: PET clear/light blue. Remove: Residues...

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Plastic packaging - PE and PP recovery

Input AUTOSORT™: Packaging heavy/3d fractions 40-100mm. Recover: PE and PP. Remove: Residues.

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Polymer Sorting - PP Recovery from mixed PO stream

Input AUTOSORT™: Mixed PE/PP 50-250mm. Recover: PP. Remove: Residues.

Recycling / January 17, 2023

Post Shredder - Non Ferrous sorting

Input X-TRACT™: Zorba 30-60mm. Remove: Heavy metals. Recover: Aluminum.

Recycling / January 17, 2023