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Recycling / June 01, 2023

Sorting aluminum alloys from scrap |DYNAMIC LIBS sorter| TOMRA

New dynamic LIBS technology for sorting 5xxx, 6xxx and other alloy series reclaimed from aluminum scrap

Seeing is believing: The all-new AUTOSORT™ PULSE enables high throughput sorting of aluminum alloys from post-production and post-consumer scrap metal.

Thanks to the sorting system’s dynamic LIBS technology with various scanning modes, operators benefit from peak precision – regardless of the material condition. Numerous material tests on the machine have demonstrated purity levels of 95% and higher can be achieved. This results in furnace-ready aluminum scrap, enabling recyclers can meet the increasing demands for secondary aluminum.
Top 5 reasons why AUTOSORT™ PULSE redefines aluminum scrap sorting:

1. Dynamic LIBS technology
High-precision sorting of aluminum by alloy types.
2. Bulk infeed system
High-throughput sorting across a wide range of applications.
3. 3D object scanning
Object and shape recognition for higher sorting accuracy.
4. Dynamic focus mode
Multiple single-point scans for sharper detection of materials in any condition.
5. Object singulation
AI-based detection of adjacent and overlapping objects.
6. Data-driven performance
Connects with TOMRA Insight for advanced statistics and tools.

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