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Collection / December 04, 2023

Project Boomerang - Join TOMRA Collection on our journey towards product circularity 🔁

At TOMRA, we're passionate about resource productivity. And that goes for the materials used in our own products too. In fact, by 2030, we've committed to ensuring that new TOMRA products are made almost entirely from sustainable materials and components, and that at least half of our products are circular at their end of life.
Project Boomerang is the start of an exciting journey to increase the share of recycled content in TOMRA reverse vending machines and enable more material flows to enter circular loops. By exploring the viability and scalability of a circular polymer setup, we can gain insight into how to approach the many other material streams associated with our products, not just the plastics. This puts us on a path towards closing the loop on as many material types as possible in pursuit of our ambitious sustainability goals.
We hope you'll join us as we continue our journey to reduce the environmental impact of TOMRA reverse vending machines. There are so many more stories that we are excited to share as we make progress on this important issue. This is just the beginning!