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Customer testimonial - Tok Zin (English sub)

Tok Zin, PET bottle and flake sorting customer in China, was founded in 2000. After visited...

Recycling / March 18, 2020

お客様の声 – カネムラエコワークス様


Recycling / March 13, 2020

Customer testimonial - Kanemura Eco Works...

Kanemura Eco Works handle 100.000 tons of steel raw material and 12.000 tons of non-ferrous metal...

Recycling / March 13, 2020

Regene Atlantique (Chinese subtitles)

Regene Atlantique是法国苏伊士集团的子公司,这家位于Bayonne的工厂专业从事PET瓶的回收和加工。2013年,Regene...

Recycling / January 09, 2020

Suppixx and Deep Data technology

With TOMRA's revolutionary SUPPIXX® image processing technology, resolution levels are enhanced...

Recycling / December 12, 2019

Tom Eng - End of the year message 2019

The year is slowly coming to a close, Tom Eng, SVP and Head of TOMRA Recycling, expresses his...

Recycling / December 09, 2019

GAIN Technology - PE Silicone Cartridges

GAIN is a deep learning-based sorting add-on for TOMRA’s AUTOSORT machines. By classifying...

Recycling / November 04, 2019

TOMRA - Introduction to the new Deep Learning...

With the introduction of our first #deeplearning software at #ecomondo, TOMRA is going one step...

Recycling / October 31, 2019

Meet the Team - Our IT specialists

Second episode of "TOMRA meet the team" series.

Recycling / September 30, 2019

TOMRA Integrator Conference 2019 - Paolo Trucco

TOMRA Integrator conference 2019 - Interview with the Professor Paolo Trucco

Recycling / September 10, 2019

Tomra Leads 2019

Here the video of what's happened in Sofia during the third TOMRA Leads Global Conference.

Recycling / July 15, 2019