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The Making of TOMRA ReAct

Behind the scenes of the TOMRA ReAct consumer engagement program, where end users earn points for...

Reverse Vending / February 14, 2017

TOMRA Connect and TOMRA ReAct

Introducing TOMRA Connect, a comprehensive portfolio of digital products for TOMRA’s reverse...

Reverse Vending / February 14, 2017

Edeka testimonial

Edeka store manager Gerd Kohler talks about how the installation of TOMRA Reverse Vending...

Reverse Vending / February 08, 2017

TOMRA RVM Technology - Yesterday Into Today.wmv

A look at TOMRA's reverse vending technology from past to present.

Reverse Vending / May 19, 2016

T-9 - Customer Impressions

The T-9 is a groundbreaking new reverse vending machine from TOMRA. In this video one of TOMRA's...

Reverse Vending / January 25, 2016

TOMRA Flow Technology™

TOMRA Flow Technology™ is the world's first 360-degree container recognition system for reverse...

Reverse Vending / January 06, 2016

TOMRA MultiPac

TOMRA's latest reverse vending backroom solution, winner of the 2012 red dot product design award.

Reverse Vending / January 06, 2016

TOMRA Sure Return Technology 2012

An overview of TOMRA's container recognition technology "Sure Return" used for the automated...

Reverse Vending / January 06, 2016

TOMRA True Vision Technology

An overview of TOMRA's crate recognition technology "True Vision" used for the automated return...

Reverse Vending / January 06, 2016


EasyPac is part of TOMRA's new generation of backroom solutions for handling the return of...

Reverse Vending / January 06, 2016