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Recycling / June 10, 2022

Sorting and recycling waste wood including MDF - TOMRA Recycling

As a global leader in sorting high quality waste wood for recycling, TOMRA explains how its technology can recover wood by material type including MDF.

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Thanks to TOMRA’s new deep learning application for sorting waste wood by material type, it is now possible to create high-quality fractions of non-processed wood, MDF or even combinations of different wood-based materials.

In this video, José Matas and Murat Sanli from our dedicated wood solutions team introduce our groundbreaking innovation that enables the wood sector and recyclers to produce fractions that can be used as recycled wood content in panelboard and furniture manufacturing.

Our high-throughput wood sorting solutions combine x-ray transmission (XRT), NIR, and deep learning technologies to purify and sort wood chips into Wood A and Wood B fractions, including single fractions of clean wood and MDF.

The process is completed in two steps to ensure high throughput and high-quality fractions. In step 1, our X-TRACT machine sorts up to 30 metric tons of mixed materials to separate wood from impurities like inert materials, glass, metals, etc.

After pre-sorting, the wood chips are processed in step 2. Using a combination of NIR sorting (AUTOSORT) and our deep learning technology (GAIN), wood chips are analyzed and sorted by non-processed and processed materials (MDF, HDF, WPC and wood composites).

Our wood sorting solutions allow your plant to process single fractions of Wood A (non-processed wood) and Wood B products such as MDF.

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With TOMRA waste wood sorting solutions, you benefit from:

  • High throughput and fast processing
  • Maximum yield and high purity levels
  • Robust and flexible sorting systems
  • A partner with industry expertise at your side