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Food / March 31, 2022

TOMRA Food - Every Resource Counts

At TOMRA, we’re proud of what we do.

TOMRA's position hides in the beauty of doing something for the world – through business using technology. It's something we all contribute to, all 1,569 of us and that number is growing by the day.

At TOMRA, we built our heritage working with farmers, growers, packers, and food processors, which has gifted us decades of intimate knowledge within the food industry. As we grow in our expertise, we must further our impact and transform how advanced technology and valuable intelligence allow us to use our planet's resources better.

To make every resource count today and in the future, we've taken an introspective look in the mirror that shed light on what we do well and where we can future-proof the business.

To strengthen our brand and improve how we serve our employees, partners, and food production worldwide, as One TOMRA Food, we’ve improved synergies, we’re removing silos that held us back, and together we’re reshaping the food industry as we know it.

We welcome you to join our journey in the Resource Revolution as the new TOMRA Food and help us make #EveryResourceCount