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Recycling / January 06, 2016

Wood recovery and sorting from C&D waste video – TOMRA Recycling

Maximize wood recovery from C&D waste with TOMRA’s wood sorting solutions. Separate Wood A from Wood B to produce clean wood fractions for material recycling.

Waste wood recycling for the wood-based panels:  

The demand for secondary raw materials in the wood-based panel industry offers C&D recyclers new opportunities to create additional revenue through waste wood recycling. To meet very strong market demand and improve product quality by increasing recycled content, particleboard manufacturers are creating demand for clean Wood A fractions recovered from waste. With up to 50% savings compared to fresh wood, recycled wood is also generally dryer, which results in a significant decrease in energy consumption during the drying stage of the panel production.

TOMRA wood sorting solutions for high-quality material recycling consists of two sorting units:

X-TRACT delivers high-throughput sorting of mixed materials to remove inert materials, glass, metals, and other impurities from waste wood.

AUTOSORT with the add-on GAIN technology enables your operation to create clean recycled wood chip fractions and differentiate between non-processed wood (wood A) and processed wood (wood B). GAIN uses deep learning technology to instantly differentiate and identify different types of processed woods to produce single fractions of clean wood and MDF.

With TOMRA waste wood sorting solutions, you benefit from:

  • High throughput and fast processing
  • Maximum yield and high purity levels
  • Increased process control
  • Robust and flexible sorting systems
  • A partner with industry expertise at your side

Learn more about GAIN for wood chips: