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Recycling / April 14, 2022

Wood recycling – top 3 questions asked at Maderalia answered

TOMRA Recycling answers top three questions about wood recycling at Maderalia 2022

The wood based panel industry is looking for environmentally friendly and profitable solutions to increase the recycled content in the production of particleboards. At Fimma Maderalia 2022, TOMRA Recycling’s industry experts were at hand to discuss how the industry can improve their sustainability and the role sensor-based sorting systems play in the recovery of pure woodchip fractions.

Jose Matas, Segment Manager Wood at TOMRA Recycling, summarizes the three most frequently asked questions:
1. How can the quality of particleboards produced with recycled wood be increased?
2. What is needed to create the purest fractions?
3. What are the advantages of wood recycling?

TOMRA Recycling offers the full sorting solution for wood applications consisting of two systems. Its field-proved X-TRACT removes inert materials, glass, metals, and other impurities from waste wood, even at high throughputs. The clean wood chip fraction can then be purified by AUTOSORT and GAIN, TOMRA’s deep learning based add-on. Working in unison, AUTOSORT and GAIN enable the separation of non-processed wood (Wood A) and processed wood (Wood B) as well as the recovery of MDF in the processed wood fraction.

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