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TOMRA 3C - Inshell Hazelnuts Sorting

Check out our TOMRA 3C sorting inshell hazelnuts and find out how our technology is driving food...

Food / November 13, 2020

TOMRA Join TOMRA Food at Pack Expo Connect

Connecting during these difficult times of continuing lockdown and travel restrictions proves to...

Food / October 30, 2020

HUME 用技术提升效益,满足品牌商要求


Food / October 27, 2020

La Hacienda 引入高新技术 打造先进樱桃分选包装厂

La Hacienda, 是一家智利樱桃生产、加工和贸易商,5年前购买Compac 分选包装线到樱桃的加工线中,收获显著的效益提升。 Compac 升级的invision...

Food / October 27, 2020