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Recycling / June 09, 2023

From wood to resource – TOMRA Recycling Sorting on LIGNA Stage 2023

Waste wood is omnipresent and the need to bring it full circle is increasingly important. Turning waste wood into a valuable secondary resource brings numerous operational and environmental benefits.

If you wonder how it works, check the presentation Jose Matas, Segment Manager Wood at TOMRA Recycling Sorting, held at LIGNA 2023 and learn more about:
• the current lifecycle of wood.
• how smart sorting technology helps create a circular economy for wood.
• the role of x-ray technology in cleaning waste wood.
• the power of deep learning to separate Wood A from Wood B and recover MDF.
• the competitive advantages sorting gives to panelboard manufacturers.

TOMRA offers a range of wood sorting products, such as the new X-TRACT™ and AUTOSORT™ with its deep learning-based add-on GAIN™. Within only a couple of sorting steps, our technologies allow your plant to process single fractions of Wood A (non-processed wood) and Wood B products such as MDF.

For more information about our wood sorting solutions, visit: