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Recycling / June 21, 2023

Pioneering polyolefin recycling | TOMRA and Greenpath Enterprises

TOMRA and Greenpath Enterprises teamed up to develop a solution for cap-to-cap recycling of post-consumer polyolefin (PO) bottlecaps with smart flake sorting technology.

Greenpath Enterprises, a polymer recycler in Colton, California, pursued the vision to create a system that allows for separating polyolefins by polymer type and color. Partnering with the leading provider of sensor-based sorting equipment, TOMRA Recycling Sorting, made this vision a reality.

With TOMRA’s INNSORT™ FLAKE, the recycler has the ideal flake sorting technology to turn a polyolefin mix into mono fractions of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). Reaching purity levels of more than 98% allows for the creation of high-quality post-consumer recycled content (PCR).

Read more about INNOSORT™ FLAKE here: